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How to enable ID verification via Sumsub for your apps?
How to enable ID verification via Sumsub for your apps?
Written by Liene Brokane
Updated over a week ago

In order to enable ID verification powered by Sumsub for your apps on ATOM you have two options:

1) invite ATOM to your live Sumsub account - note that before inviting you will need to request from Sumsub a template for the third party domain access form, fill it in and indicate that ATOM will need all accesses to your live Sumsub account, except the following points mentioned by Sumsub in the document:

- can moderate

- change personal data

- manage checks

- manage users

- applicant notes

- perform OCR

Once done, please forward the signed document to the Sumsub support team and you will be able to invite ATOM to your Sumsub account once they have cleared the domain;

2) go by yourself through the following configurations for your live Sumsub account outlined below:

  • open Dev space:

  • press Create Webhook and fill in all relevant details here:

Additionally, please set up the webhook to reset documents by reset button in SumSub:

  • afterwards switch to App Tokens section, press Generate app token

Copy both generated values immediately, otherwise later on you will be able to access only partial values which will mean the verification will not work properly,

Afterwards please provide ATOM team with the following:

1) secret key

2) app token

3) webhook secret key

If you need additional verification levels created on Sumsub, you can do it in the Integrations section:

Make sure the verification flow name only uses lowercase letters and has no spaces, but uses "-" in between words instead.

For custom level set-up please ask Sumsub team for assistance based on your unique business case.

Once done, please let ATOM team know the verification flow names we need to take into account for your service.

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