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How to get your vehicles to show up on Google Maps?
How to get your vehicles to show up on Google Maps?

How to participate in the Google Micromobility Partner Program

Written by Liene Brokane
Updated over a week ago

Google Micromobility lets users find public micromobility travel options and see real-time vehicle availability in Google Maps. With the Micromobility Partner Program, your information becomes accessible to millions of mobile Google users in various languages. It can also make eco-friendly trip planning quick and easy for users:

Google Micromobility Partner Program application form:

After you will submit the form to Google, the team will contact you with the next steps:

1) you'll be asked to provide your contact details;

2) you'll need to accept Google's online Content License Agreement;

3) you'll be asked to provide integration details (your GBFS links);

4) you'll also need to provide your brand logo & icons;

5) you'll be asked for the Google Play and App Store links for your mobile apps;

6) you'll be asked for the feed fetch location (GBFS links for your service) and directions deep links - domain of followed by your vehicle_id behind the domain, so it will open the specific vehicle.

7) afterwards Google will perform a data quality review;

8) as per Google, you will be able to request an optional PR review;

9) you and Google will agree on an estimated launch date for your service on Google Maps;

10) public launch on the date agreed between Google and you in case there are no delays.

Information on how to create GBFS links in your ATOM admin panel:

More information on the Google Micromobility Partner Program:

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