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GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification)
GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification)

How to publicly share your data via GBFS

Written by Liene Brokane
Updated over a week ago

GBFS is the open data standard for shared micro-mobility which makes real-time data feeds in a uniform format publicly available online, with an emphasis on findability.

It's primarily intended to be publicly available in the service of aiding traveller trip-planning, providing real-time feeds, which represent the system’s current state.

The GBFS format allows mobility data to be used by a range of software applications for trip planning, research, analysis, visualization and regulation.

For example, Google Maps can display your vehicles in their app once you reach an agreement with Google about this.

Please follow these GBFS API instructions to generate a token through the ATOM admin dashboard for your service:
1. Generate GBFS API key in More -> Team and accounts -> GBFS by pressing Enable GBFS on the top right-hand side, choosing your subaccount and clicking Save:

2. Share the GBFS API key according to your specific needs;
3. API URL for GBFS is (replace "appname" with the name of your service);

4. Additional information about GBFS can be found here:

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