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Loyalty module πŸ’š

What is a loyalty module? How does it work? How to activate it?

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What is the Loyalty module?

One of the recent additions to the growing ATOM Mobility function list is the Loyalty module (which can be found under the Marketing section in your dashboard). The loyalty module will allow your users to participate in time-limited challenges and get rewards if the challenge is completed. This will increase user engagement and add a gamification element to your app, making it more unique and better positioned than other apps on the market.

How does it work?

  • Once the module is activated, you can create many challenges from your dashboard. Each challenge has - Title (for example, Beginner), Goal (in points, for example, 50 points), Duration of challenge (in days, for example, 30 days) and Reward (for example, 50% discount on the following 3 rides). All these parameters can be configured, and you can create multi-level challenges.

  • To create multi-level challenges, add at least 2 challenges (ideally, 3 to max 8 challenges), and for each challenge, set up a Step number (this will then place the challenge in sequence). For example, Step No 1 means that this is the first challenge, and to go to the challenge with Step No 2, the user needs first complete the previous step. The same logic applies to other steps. If you have several challenges with the same Step No, the user can select which one they prefer to start first.

  • Once challenges are created, explain the rules in the Rules section for the user (similar to FAQ, but only specific to the Loyalty section in-app). Here are the general rules for the user; feel free to use this text for the Rules section (or add your own ):

    - Each ride earns you points. One ride for at least 5 minutes = 10 points

    - Points are earned automatically once you join the challenge

    - Each challenge has a timeline that starts once you join the challenge
    - Once the challenge is completed, you will receive a reward with a validity date

    - Reward validity period is the same as the duration of the challenge. For example, if you win 30 days challenge, you will have 30 days to use the reward once the challenge is finished

    - To join the next challenge, you must finish the previous one and use the existing reward

    - Once the reward is used or expired, you can join a new challenge again
    - You can participate in 1 challenge at a time

    - You can rejoin the same challenge many times

  • You can adjust the point calculation logic (inform our support team). By default, each ride gives the user 10 points (it can be less or more points). All short rides (under 5 minutes) are not counted (you also can adjust this by letting our support team know).

  • Once the challenge is finished because time expires (but the user did not collect the needed points) - the system will reset the challenge back to 0 points, and the user can join the challenge again.

  • Once the user wins the challenge - the system will notify the user, and the reward will be automatically applied.

Where to track results?

You can see how many users joined a particular challenge in total, how many successfully finished and how many are still in process. You also can track each participant and their progress in the History section.

How to activate this module?

Please email our customer support team - Please note that extra fees are applicable for this module.

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