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MDS (Mobility Data Specification)
MDS (Mobility Data Specification)

How to grant access to your municipality to your data via MDS

Written by Liene Brokane
Updated over a week ago

MDS is a digital tool that helps cities to better manage transportation in the public right of way. As MDS expands into new cities and new modes, it has the potential to transform relationships between local governments and the mobility companies.

Please follow these MDS API instructions to generate a token for municipality through the ATOM admin dashboard for your service:
1. Generate MDS API key in More -> Team and accounts -> MDS by pressing Add New Token on the top right-hand side, choosing your subaccount and clicking Save:

2. Give the MDS API key to your municipality;
3. They should use this key to access any information they need via MDS. This key must be inserted in the request header authorization as the bearer token: `Authorization: Bearer <key> ` ;
4. API URL for MDS is, provider endpoints can be found here:

5. Additional information about MDS can be found here:

NB! Please note that as of 01.01.2024 ATOM will deprecate support for MDS v1.1 and switch fully to MDS v2.0. The applicable URL will change to

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